Event Masters Podcast #000: Introduction, Show Formalities, What To Expect, & Little’ol Me

By Jorge Lopez | Podcasts

Jul 03
Event Masters Podcast with Jorge Lopez

Hello, this is Jorge from Adroit Sound & Entertainment and ASE.tv.

Firstly, I would like to mention how happy I am that you have taken out time in your day to listen to this show! Thank you so much, it means a great deal to me. Second, I am very glad that the Podcast is back and I hope you are too! It’s taken over a year to get it back, but it’s finally here and you’re here with me.


The format has changed. Before, the show was one where I would interview local L.A. DJ’s and Bands but truthfully the reason I stopped it and it fell by the waste side was because I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t a show that I thought would truly help neither you, nor myself. I wanted a show where I could help get answers to your questions for problems we all have had or quite possibly will have at a future event.

Things happen.

Also, it just wasn’t really going to help ASE’s business model in any way that would allow us to grow and move into the direction we were looking to go in.


On this podcast, Podcast “00” I’m just going to cover who I am, what the show will be about and for whom, and what’s ASE involvement in this. So this episode will be far from the norm. I will cover Event Masters Podcast show’s formalities and style as it progresses. And how the podcast will benefit you the listener.


If you haven’t heard of me before, I run our YouTube Channel – ASE.tv and our Blog


Little Bit About Me

I am having a great time being an entrepreneur even with all my failures and hardships. But I will continue to learn, apply, and try. I plan to, on this show, be completely transparent and honest about everything I do. And the things that ASE is going through. My life, like many of yours has had more than its fair share of ups and downs and I’m convinced there will be many more to come. But I am a firm believer that when you have people in your life that truly care about you, you can get through anything.


In the podcast I read a small section of a book that has changed a lot of how I view the world around me in terms of business. A book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich” a book many of us are familiar with.

[Tweet “”I will cause others to believe in me, because I will believe in them and in myself” -Napoleon Hill”]


I lost a lot in life because I was afraid of doing the things I need to in order to get ahead and because I was frightened of what it meant I would have to do. Which was, I thought to figure things out on my own and have to deal with problems on my own. But once I learned that I haven’t been the only one that has felt this way about working for yourself without the security of a business and an [almost always] guaranteed check coming in every month, it really made me feel much better and more secure with my life goals.


I’m still far from perfect and know I will never be, but I’m able to now put things back together piece by piece.


I crave being a part of a community. Mostly because I have been out of them for so long. I like communities that want to help people. And the ones that helps in a place of celebration.  I’m a bit on the shy-side and will no doubt make mistakes that will be easily recognizable, but the best what learning is by doing!


A Little Bit About The Show

Basically, I just want to provide you with some awesome USABLE content. You will hear some smart and very cool guest that are within the Event-o-Sphere as I like to call it. Be it Event Managers, Event Coordinators, Venue Managers, Catering Managers/Owners, Flowerest, Wedding Coordinators, MC’s and DJ’s, and other Audio Video companies so that we can get some real-world advice and learn from them. Their failures and success stories.


I will also be diving into your questions of which you will be able to leave at AdroitSoundEnt.com/Voicemail or by calling 626.667.4ASE. 

We will be talking about things that will be actionable and that you can use right away with your own business or events. I plan also to jump right into the show to cut down on needless chit-chat, so to not waste your time. Life is short enough as it is without all the extra words. This podcast will mainly cover Event Planning and Lifestyle in events and trends


Who is This Podcast Even For?

This podcast will be for those of you that are in the event industry and for those of you looking to hire people for your event and are looking for some answers

  • Event Coordinators
  • Event Managers
  • Event Designers
  • Wedding Coordinators
  • Catering Companies
  • Photographers
  • Music Curators
  • Festival Organizers
  • Industry Presenters
  • Educators
  • Flowerest
  • DJ’s & MC’s
  • Do-it-yourself’er


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