25 Simple Questions to Ask Your Event AV Team

By Jorge Lopez | Q & A

Feb 03

You’re calling a new AV company for rates on an event. Here are 25 Simple Questions you don’t want to forget to ask.

Make sure while setting up the contract with your av company you go over these questions on your contract. Most are common sense and you’re probably already asking them, but some you’d never even think to ask.

Here we go first five questions…

1. Our First Section will be, HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?

Of course while planning your event you will quickly come to find your budget. Now while talking dollars with someone can at times be an uncomfortable topic, prepare to get to some specifics in regards to costs.

Here are 5 questions you need to get answers to.

  • What is the Standard or Basic Service?
  • What is included?
  • What are the extras I can add-on, and what features do they include?
  • Do you Provide Live Streaming?
  • How much will all the equipment rentals be [make sure you get the break down at least in an email]

2. While going over the contract you will want to find out answers to

  • What comes with the standard contract?
  • What services are extra?
  • Does this contract reserve me the right to Bid?
  • If the Venue space is outdoors, ask about power cost if any.
  • What is the size of the Screens?

3. We like to always do a WALK run through at the venue.

What do YOU ask when setting up the contract with your AV team?

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Doing walk throughs help get clear about what to expect and what is expected of us. It is important for the Event planners not forgetting to do a practice run trough with their AV team. So make sure there is a time set to meet at the venue location for a walk through and be ready with these questions.

  • [Depending on Venue space] will the Audio be loud enough to fill the space?
  • From where do you plan to monitor and manage the AV equipment?
  • [If there will be visuals] what is the screen size and how many screens will there be?
  • What compatibility issues, if any, could there be with the visual presentations?
  • This one is not so much a Question for the AV team, but check and find out about sufficient storage available at the venue?

4. Your AV team will have multiple employees setting up, not all of them are going to understand and be able to manage all of the equipment the same.

So make sure to find out who on their team would be the one to talk to. This way should you need to contact someone in a time of crisis you won’t have to send some running around to find the “right guy?”

  • Who is the main point of contact?
  • What is he/she responsible for?
  • Who can I contact if I can’t get a hold of the main contact?
  • Who are the Contacts for services like the Microphones, Visuals, Presentations, Sound?
  • What is the best way to get a hold of them?

5. Finally, The next set of questions are usually asked of you, but in case they’re missing, make sure to ask and be clear on these next 5 questions

  • How much Time will you need for Set-up and Tear-down?
  • This is how many presenters we plan to speak, how many mics will we need? [Tip: Just let the AV Engineers know how many presenters you have and he will know how many mics you need]
  • What type of mics is best for the presenters while they are on stage? [Here you’re going to need to know if it will be a seated panel of people, or one person talking to a crowd?]
  • We would need an AV engineer onsite to manage all the equipment levels, how much extra will that be?
  • Is there a cost for a Venue walk-thru prior to the event?

More often than not you will most likely come up with other questions and things will come up even during the event, as they always do. But having some of these main questions covered will get you and your AV team on the same page and with the same goals. Making the event as amazing and flawless as it ever could be.

In the description there is a link to a free PDF download so that you can save these questions for when you need to remember them. Or click on the card on this video.

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