5 AV Tips for Speakers to Gain More Audience Engagement

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

Jun 23
5 Audio Video Tips for Speakers to Gain more engagement

Microphone on Stand at Event

What sort of things can you do or change the way your audience will engage with you and your event? What sort of things can be done even in the slightest that will change your audience’s level of boredom?

How about changes that won’t cost a lot of money and keeps things within budget? And how can this be done from an AV point of view?

Here I will list 5 things that you can do that keep things within budget and will change how your audience will interact with you and your event

The basics are simple really, and perhaps you’ve even done some of the research already. If this isn’t your first rodeo then most of this will sound familiar but there will be one or two things you just haven’t thought of yet. And If it’s going to be the first time you’re going to give a speech then firstly, congrats!


High Quality Sound System.

Second, you’re going to want some great speakers and speaker setup to get the best sound possible. And you’re going to want to make sure it’s all going to run properly. For this just make sure the sound engineer has done a proper ‘mic-check.’ You might consider having an on-site AV engineer stay around and manage the audio levels for you for the entire event.


1. The P.A. System

This really goes without saying. And perhaps, if your event calls for it, some Visual Displays. For a small group [100 – 300 guest] we’d recommend Flat Screen Displays or a projector and monitor.

Despite their size in comparison to a, let’s say 7-foot screen with a projector, a flat screen monitor is going to give you the clearest quality, especially outdoors. They also work exceptionally great for you the speaker if you will have slides to show. This way you can have a screen placed somewhere in your line of sight, keeping most of your attention always throws the audience so that you won’t have to keep looking over your shoulder at the one screen behind you should it be just a single Screen with a projector.


2. The Story

Events are greatest with a story. From even the moment before guests arrive. There has to be a plan, a story.

  • How are people going to feel about the event?

  • How do you want to make them feel once they arrive?

  • Do you want to make them feel a certain way while they are there.

  • Finally, do you hope that your event will have changed them when it’s time for them to leave?


3. Add a Stage
Put yourself or your speaker on a Stage. Even a small stage for one person makes a huge difference and is just to get you up above your guest. This will give your guest a far better focal point and make it easier for you or the speaker to better see around the room.

[Quick tip:] Adding a custom made backdrop, background, or even hanging some drapery will make a considerable difference as well. As it will give it a better overall look and feel and make you really stand out. Custom made backdrops will of course bring the cost of things up quite a bit, but could really change the level of the look. If you need to keep costs down then this really isn’t necessary.


4. Choose the Right Microphone
We already know that you will be needing a microphone. But the question lies in what type will be best suited for you?

Haven’t had a chance to use many different types? Consider then what you plan to do with your hands. If you won’t be using them to hand out items or pick up items to display, then maybe you would like to have a handheld microphone for comfort and confidence. Maybe you’re the type that very much likes or needs to talk with their hands. Then of course freedom from a handheld mic is key. Personally, I recommend a lapel mic so you will be hands free and can move around freely if need be.

If the microphone will need to be passed out to the audience members for engagement than a wireless handheld would definitely be the way to go.


5. Podium

Podiums make a massive difference for the speaker, especially if up on a stage. And it is important to choose a proper one that fits the style of the event as much as possible. You might be surprised how many different types there are these days and how modern they can get.


Acrylic Podium on Stage

If you’re looking for something you can lean on and pound on then a politician type podium is going to be more your style. Something big, heavy, and made of wood.


These days, corporations usually like more of a high tech looking podium. Acrylic is the popular choice here. But there are also brushed aluminum podiums. Acrylic usually has no place for lectern mic wires, it just makes them look less clean than say a designer would like. A downside to acrylic podiums is that their surfaces tend to reflect light and scratch more easily. So if the event will be indoors with fluorescent lights and or colored lights expect some glare.


A Couple of great things about acrylic podiums are that they are sleek and contemporary. And they also make you the speaker a part of the audience instead of separating you from them.


Quick side note: there are even some that have RGB LED lighting systems under them if you got it like that!

From the podium make sure that you know the height that you will require [or of the speaker] so that there won’t be any awkward feelings. Sometimes just raising it a bit will be enough for taller people or adding a step for shorter people. It’s important that you feel and look confident behind it.


Now It’s your turn. Leave a Comment below and continue the conversation.

What have you noticed works well with your events when you’ve given a speech? What sort of problems have you come across that you wish could be better solved?

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