Choosing the Right Event Staff to Make You Feel Like an Expert

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

Apr 05
Choose the Right Event Staff for your Event

People all over the world love to attend a fun and entertaining event. When they are unable to attend an event that they herd went well, they then of course want to hear all the great details about it! Preparing for a coming event may come with some pressure, but it's on! Don’t get all hot and bothered, we got some information to soothe your nerves and get you in the right direction!

If the goal is for your organization to be known for hosting a memorable event. You my friend, will need to congregate the best event team you can find that provides the best services to meet your needs. It may be time to hire a professional with a reputation for planning first-class events.

Now you’re probably asking yourself; how do I choose the best event staff or vendor that offers the best event services for my event needs? We are so glad you asked…

1. Start Early – Research

Yes, research can be a daunting task. But it will save you time, money, and headaches. When planning an event (or any task for that matter) you have to be prepared to figure out the timeline for deadlines, and what the event objections are. Research options and start building a team.

Your event staff will typically consist of event personnel like AV, florist, photographers/videographers, event coordinators, valet services, and the like. Within your budget in mind, do research and take time to investigate who can be an active role in making the event a success.

Do not skimp on research as it can save money and last minute headaches. Give yourself plenty of time and be creative.

2. Obtain Recommendations

When it comes to choosing event staff or event services it can be difficult to find the right team players. That’s when it may be time to ask for recommendations. You or someone you know has friends, family, or associates that has utilized an event service at some point in time. Get as many recommendations as you can before making a final decision.

Venues may have a list of preferred vendors to choose from and sites such as, Yelp (or if you're willing to pay, Angie’s List) may also be a reliable source to search through. An event coordinator may be able to tell you whether or not they were happy with the services of a vendor they have worked with in the past.

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3. Interview Your Top Pick(s)

After you have made your top picks, notice who has emailed you timely and has been the most accessible. Solid communication is key here, especially as the event date draws near.

When interviewing, be curious about what they can do and ask about what they have done. Ask to see examples of previous work. Consider interviewing their team members to get a feel for how they present themselves.

You have made your final decision on your event team, awesome! It’s time to put them to the test and interview them. Just as with any job, you want to interview your prospective team, review their portfolios and ask questions about their event services and their team.

4. Brand Image

Whomever you decide to work with make sure they will represent your brand 100%. These individuals will be a main point of contact for your guests during your event. Look for friendliness, organization, appropriate attire, and overall appearance. The most important factor in this tip is to work with someone who is a team player, aware of maintaining a positive image, and maintains a high standard for event success.

5. Invest/Budget

Remember the phrase, “you get what you pay for?” This is definitely true when it comes to event planning. Yes, we all want to save a penny but we must also invest in our brand and spend our funds wisely.

If you want the best you must be willing to pay for the best. Improper budgeting or investments could hurt the outcome of the event vision which is why hiring a professional is always the best option.

In Conclusion...

Ultimately, everything goes back to idea number one – research so you will know what to expect when it comes to your budget. Research can also create revenue options during the event or find funding to cover costs of the event as well through sponsors or grants, for example. Again, research, research, research!

The information can be broken down into more than 5 categories, but we wanted to make the process as simple as possible Take time to research, communicate, plan ahead, create a team to meet event objectives, budget, and most importantly maintain your brand image.



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