6 Reasons to Focus on Event Coordinators Traits

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

Apr 07
traits to focus on for an event coordinator for your event

When you are planning an event you will need to work with the event coordinator to make sure that your event goes off perfectly. Whether it is a corporate or private event, you’ll want to put something on that will impress your guests and make it a memorable occasion.

If you want an event that people will be talking about for ages to come, you’ll need a focused event professional on your side to work with you and make your event vision a reality.

When you are looking for a professional event coordinator consider the following characteristics:

1. Interpersonal Skills

In this industry, it is important to be a people person. You want an event coordinator that is charismatic and enjoys working with people. Someone who walks around your event and makes sure that all the event vendors are working together while guests are having a great time. Most importantly, find someone who is willing to work with you and communicate with you leading up to the event to make sure that your needs and wants are adequately met.

2. Creativity

Creativity is something that is so essential in this industry. A lot of clients have a rough idea of what they want, but they have no idea on the details around it. A creative person will be able to fill in the blanks of their customer’s idea and make something that is truly fantastic.

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3. Understanding Their Specialties

Everyone has something that they excel at in every industry. If you are doing a corporate event, you want someone who is an expert in planning corporate events. If you are doing a wedding or other social event, you will want an event professional that specializes in that. They will have the expertise that will meet the specific needs of your event and add just the right amount flair to the event.

4. Someone Who is Flexible

Things can go wrong at any time and an amazing event coordinator will be able to adapt under any circumstances. Did you plan an outdoor event and some freak accident or weather pattern came in unexpectedly? A focused event professional will be quick to adjust to this and help the event go off without a hitch. Things move very quickly at events and sometimes things can unexpectedly take a turn, which makes flexibility so important here.

5. A True Leader

An event coordinator is typically responsible for micromanaging a variety of different people. This is necessary to make sure that everyone does the tasks that they need to. In order to be successful at micromanaging the staff, the event professional must be a leader that people will listen to. Hiring someone without leadership skills could run you the risk of things not going 100%.

6. Passion

An event professional must have passion in what they’re doing. Without it, there will be no fire to make them want to make your event a huge success.

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