9 Valuable YouTube Videos on Food Trends for 2016

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

Feb 22
YouTube Videos on Food Trends for 2016

9 videos with 2016's top food trends

After clicking to open this page you probably started thinking to yourself, "What does an AV company know about food and the Food Trends of 2016?" and the answer would be...

Absolutely nothing.

​"So why then a post on food trends from you on this type of site? "

As I continue down this path of learning from event professionals like yourselves I thought, it's time I learn what I can about what others do in this industry so I can better understand and relate on some level. So it was "back to basics" (a continued trend in this post as it were).

When do people at events loosen up the most and get the their most comfortable?

​The Food.
Or around the food rather.

Of course, there are many, many elements to an event that make them memorable and exciting or exhilarating. And of course, all events differ from one another, that goes without saying. But I think we can all agree that once the food is served or is placed that's when the heavy chatter really gets going. 

Even in smaller 50 persons, events at an all-you-can-grab-and-eat-where-ever-you-like ​type of event, we notice smaller groups huddled together enjoying, smiling, laughing and most likely talking about how awesome of an eventprof you are and how good the food is. 

​Enough chatter, In light of this being a post about the videos I will keep it short and to the point. 


9. The National Restarunt Association's Annual Culinary Forecast Predicts 2016 Food Trends.

In this video you'll see creative clips about locally sourced meats and seafood. And how chef-driven, fast-casual concepts will be of interest this year.

Locally grown produce and natural ingredients has become the norm, it seems, and that only means it will get increasingly more popular. As it should. And ​veggie-centric concepts are on the rise, kale salads are cooling down making way for...?

As authentic ethnic cuisines become more popular, so do ethnic c​ondiments and spices.

Food trucks should remind you of good times and good eats, so there's no surprise as they continue to grow this year in popularity. Giving guest variety and choices always makes for memorable events. 

​In this video you're also going to get some answers to Top Alcohol Trends. What craft spirits will be favorites, and a little about locally produced beers, wines, and spirits. Of course lets not forget about those specialty culinary cocktails that we all wish we could taste just one more time.

​As spring and summer approach artisan ice creams will become increasing more popular, according to this culinary forecast.

8. Mini's Food Fundas and Jaydeep Mukherjee Go Over Food & Beverage Trends of 2016

In this video Jaydeep Mukherjee, Indigo Deli's executive chef talks about a comeback of regional and ethnic foods. And once again a mention to Back-to-Basics - "Grandma's Cooking." And talks of fried foods.

Smaller plates, less per serving is also becoming a trend for this year and in the land where everything that is BIGGER is better, I feel that this couldn't be wiser.

Once again locally produced foods and ethnic spices are mentioned, along with seaweed not just for sushi. Find out what else it's good for. ​

7. The Food Channel Releases it's Top Ten Food Trends for 2016

These top 10 food trends are based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with CultureWaves and the International Food Futurists. They mention what will be big this year will be transparentcy for manufactures and brands.

With more people embracing ethnicity with their foods, the search for "your own culture" in your diet with ethnic spices is growing. Not to mention the genetic benefits for your own body type.

More desserts with coffee flavors. How many have you tried?

And most importantly in my opinion, the "search for super foods." Across all categories like meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, spices, grains, and even seeds.

The hunt for the next super food is on.

6. Lunch Break's Tanya Rivero Talks with Nutrition expert Jackie London about 2016 Food Trends

Tanya Rivero discusses some U.S. Dietary guidelines that will change for 2016 and interviews nutrition expert Jackie London of Good Housekeeping Institute.

They go over more plant based foods, and eating healthier with more plant seeds, nuts, and even different alternatives.

​For instance, making flour for pastas with dry seeds and nuts makes them not only gluten free, but naturally high in fiber and proteins.

Here the topic is, "More Greens, Less Meat." FInding proteins in other sources than animal.

​And, not eating less... But MORE of the "good stuff" like fruits and veggies with an emphasis on avocados.

5. Canadian Tastemakers and Top Restauranteurs Talks Top 10 Food Trends for 2016

Mashups, Spices, Small artisan dairy dishes and meat on the side it's all here. Looks like 2016 will be the year the meat makes way for vegetables as they become the main course.

And how about comfort foods and breakfast? Two words, Breakfast-bowls. As well as new sustainable seafoods.

4. POPSUGAR Girls Guide and Eli from FoodBeast Join Forces to Declare Their 10 Most Mouthwatering Foods

In this video think more about the more laid back event. Where the guest came to hang out in the sun. Because These fatty foods are gonna need some real walking and talking to work off.

These are really just crazy fun, food Ideas. Most probably wouldn't make the cut for the corporate event, obviously. But chocolate chip cookie, milk shoots? 

How could you say no?​

And then why is it that we didn't know about IN & OUT's Ultimate Monkey-Style burger? I'll take two please. No Onions.

Here you're going to hear from  Eli from FoodBeast as he teams up with Popsugar and go over new food hybrids and trends.

Truly some crazy mashups, but oh-so yummy.​ Your going to want to make it to the end of this video because, "Milky-Bun" (Cold Ice Cream in a Warm Doughnut) Oh-boy!

3. The List's Donna Ruko Serves Up a Sample of 3 of The Hottest New Culinary Delights

The List's Donna Ruko is serving up a sample of 3 of the hottest new culinary delights. And it's all about Vegan.

Planet based products, sustainability, and tantalizing that palate. According to the video the Spcialities Food Association is calling seaweed, "The New Kale." 

Can you believe that? Not sure how I feel about that. You?

​And trends on Asian/Filipino foods.

2. Certified Nutritionist France Largeman-Roth Talks A Little About 2016 Health Food Tends

Which health foods are all hype?

Certified nutritionist France Largeman-Roth talks a little about 2016's health food trends. Why is bone broth good? And more proteins aren't necessarily worth the price she says.

Matcha for tea time is higher in anti-oxidants and broccoleaf, the leaf of the broccoli, which is mild flavored and higher than kale and broccoli in calcium also has more vitamin A and proteins.

How can some of this help with the events you are planning?​

1. USA Today's Channel, McCrmick's Executive Chef Kevan Vetter Predicting Food Trends of 2016

McCormick's executive chef Kevan Vetter is a man that loves his spice. And tells us, not Hot & Spicy but Tangy & Spicy is the trend. With Tropical Asian flavors of the Phillipinans and Malaysia.

They look at how people are going to be eating two to four years from now based on current trends.

Another mention of Pulse Proteins that will go across a lot of different cuisines and will add lots of proteins to your dish.

Then he dips a little into "Blends with Benefits," I better let him explain that one.

Finally, once again we hear about ancestral flavors or from ones own cultures and how that will be a reemerging trend. 

I guess we're going back to the ol'school with flavors.


There was a lot of good information there and some good tips to consider about food for this year as you start planning for all these next events. 

Staying on top of trends is something we should all stay on top of and knowing which foods are trending is no exception.

What were your thoughts on some of these? Anything in there that you thought would be a good idea?

Continue the conversation, I'd love to hear what you think.​

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