5 Reasons Why Audio Video Services Need to Be Booked First

By Esteban Lopez | Tips For Your Event

Aug 05
5 Reasons your Audio Video Service should be booked

When it comes to putting your event list in order there is going to be many different things you’re going to want to make sure get done and out of the way ASAP. You’re also going to want to get all your vendors to play together and get everyone on the same field as a team. There really isn’t a wrong way to do things here. If it works… well then, make it so. But we’re going to recommend making sure your AV guys are one of the first in the line up.


Being stressed is no good, especially when you are about to give a lecture to 100 people. Being prepared is the key to avoiding any last minute headaches that can pop up when putting together a presentation. Whether you just want to have a movie playing in the background during the cocktail party or are doing a full on presentation to colleagues and prospective clients, having your audio video services and equipment running smoothly can really help keep stress down during the event. There are a lot of vendors to have involved with any gathering (i.e., catering, photographers, florist) but having your AV company on your side in the beginning can really help produced a unique outcome.

Here are our 5 top reasons why we recommend contacting and booking your audio video services vendor first when considering on putting an event together that may require audio visual equipment or services.

1. Book in Advance to Make Sure Enough Staff and Equipment Will be Available

Contacting your av vendor in advance makes sure they are available to help with the event and have all the equipment needed to make your event happen. AV companies are all too often the last of the vendors to be called upon for an event. Especially on the weekends when last minute ideas come to mind. It may be difficult or not even possible for your av company to get the right equipment to an event when it’s last minute.

There are many companies that are able to do multiple events in one day, but many times, especially in the spring, summer, and fall months where dates have been booked for some time it may be difficult to fill last minute request. Then there are smaller companies that may just be limited in equipment and resources to be able to facilitate a last minute request without having to cost too much. Booking in advance makes sure resources are available but can also reduce cost.

2. Audio Video Services Vendors Do a Lot of Events, a lot!

And they are on the front line of event setups and scenarios so a lot is seen and learned. Contacting your AV vendor early may be a great way to get ideas on how to better present your idea and let them know what they might expect to run into at the venue in case they have never been to it before. Introducing the AV vendor early to a venue can help create an audio video setup throughout the venue that will produce the best sound and video experience with guest and be away from as many accidental dangers or setup issues with other vendors.

An experienced AV vendor may be able to suggest presentation setups that haven’t been considered before or that could greatly enhance the presentation. Meeting with an AV vendor before the event is also a great way to iron out details prior to the event. There are a lot of times when a simple venue walk-through with your AV vendor would save a lot of logistical problems during the event.

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3. Add the AV Company to the Team Early

AV vendors work well with other event vendors and staff. Getting your av vendor on the team roster helps make the event logistic process go a little smoother and helps solve problems before they occur. For example, putting your sales presenter in contact with the audiovisual engineer early can make sure the presenter’s media is compatible with visual system being used. Red flags can be dealt with in time before the event happens, saving troubleshoot time and frustration.

It is also great to coordinate with other vendors like the catering company or photo booth guys/gals, making sure there will be enough electrical outlets for everyone. And that each company can communicate together to make sure equipment will not be in each other’s way. Simply putting everyone in contact can greatly help make everything run smooth.

4. Budget, Prices for Equipment and Services Can Vary Greatly

We understand that budget is always a concern. Reaching out to your Audio Video services vendor early can save money or put the av requirements in realistic numbers. Prices for equipment and services can vary greatly within av vendors and finding out numbers early can help deal with the bottom line without skimping on necessary AV equipment or services. Consider the following example, when wanting video playback outdoors during the day; while a large outdoor screen and projector with high lumens might seem like the proper choice. It may be cheaper, and have higher visual quality, to go with multiple 60” flat screens on stands spread out throughout the event grounds.

Substituting equipment can always help reduce costs as well. Having 7 wireless microphones stationed at a table for a panel discussion may not be the most cost effect choice considering that wired microphones would facilitate the same needs and be a cheaper cost (especially if your speakers are not going to be roaming the stage).

5. Venue Walk Through

Optimal setup. Once all the equipment is figured out, it is now a good idea to figure out how everything will be set up around the venue. A venue walk through is always recommended for just this reason. Having a speaker near the bartender might really make it hard to hear what your guest is trying to order, not to mention his/her tips.

Lets reduced a day of headaches for everyone as much as possible.

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In Conclusion

Find out how everything will layout during an event can also reduce costs as well, renting 3 speakers instead of 4 speakers due in part of the venue size and acoustics for example. Discussing the setup in the early stages can also optimize the audio video service experience. Placing the flat screen strategically throughout the room, for example, or making sure the equipment is setup as to reduce the possibility of feedback (or annoying ringing or humming sound).

We as AV vendors want to make sure your event runs smooth and want to reduce the last minute headaches on our end when facilitating your coming event.

We hope these quick tips help make your next event a success.


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