Building the right music playlist for your coming event!

By Esteban Lopez | Tips For Your Event

May 26
building the right music playlist blog post

Music is so important at events, whether it's a bonfire with a group of friends or the opening reception at the Grammy Awards, music is going to play an important role in the events overall ambience and feel.

​Having the right music can make your guest feel right at ease and in-tune (no pun intended) with your event concept or message. Here are some tips and things to consider when putting together the right playlist for your big event.

​When gathering music for a playlist think about building a playlist that focuses more on what the event aspects are and not necessarily creating a list of music as a one size fits all.

​Okay, here we go!

​Know your audience!

​Here is something that happens a lot of wedding receptions which can be an issue. The bride and groom put together a huge list of what THEY want to hear at a wedding. All the songs are lined up from the bouquet toss intro song to the last dance before the guest leaves. But they forget one major thing. The Guest.

​Then, during the wedding reception the only people on the dance floor is the bride and groom. What is being pointed out here is that the music playlist may not be about you at all but more about the guest or theme of the event. Think about who will be in attendance, as age range, and guest count can help define what style of music to play and help broaden or narrow the genre spectrum of music to pick from.

​Event time frame. Keep the event time frame in mind. We always recommend doubling the playlist time to the actual event. Adding extra music can make room incase during the event, songs don't work well. Or guest decides to mingle a little longer.

​Event parts.

​If the event is split up into parts, consider putting music together for each part. For example, let’s say the event begins with a cocktail party, goes into dinner then ends with mingling. It might be nice to put a playlist for each part of the event as the event flows into the evening. The cocktail hour can have a set of music while the dinner portion revolves around another curated list of music and ending the night with a soothing playlist for the mingling portion of the event. Details with music in this way can really enhance the event feel and flow.

​Little bit of this, little bit of that.

​In our experience, eclectic mixes of music seem to produce a more lively vibe then a playlist devoted to one genre, era or style. Events with a wide age group range can also benefit from a diverse spectrum of music and artists. Again, it really comes down to understanding the event theme and audience and then, finding the music that best resonates with that particular group and scenario.

I’ll be where I’m at! Venue space.

​The space itself is a good place to get ideas of what music to have ready for the event. While some venues can be found near the coast overlooking beachfront property, picking music to enhance an already beautiful view can really help push the event overall feel into a luxurious sensation. Huge halls and chamber like venues can begin to feel heavenly and tranquil with the right set of music. Picking music to go with or enhance the vibe of the venue can really have a positive effect on an event.

​To dance, or not to dance?

​That is the question. As we say at the office,”‘no parking on the dance floor.” But, what if there is no dance floor? Mind, blown. Okay, serious now. If your event is a casual cocktail party, then the top 20 euro hard house dance tracks might not be the best bet for the playlist. But, if it's a dance off you are planning then dust off those old Saturday Night Fever albums because it’s time to get the party started! With a dance floor in mind, it also may be time to consider bringing in a professional.

DJs might be a little pricey, but well worth it when it's time to open up the dance floor. Plan the music playlist accordingly. We will leave no party goer behind.

​What would you not like to hear?

​Knowing what music to play is just as important as knowing what not to play. Knowing what music not to play also helps give ideas of what music to play. Meditate on this.


​For all you procrastinators out there, my apologies for not mentioning this one before, but putting a playlist together may take up a lot of time. Plan ahead. Take time to put together a playlist and, well, listen to it! Throughout the week prior to the event listen to the playlist and see which songs can be removed and what needs to be added or are missing. This can help remove unwanted dull songs, missed bad words (should they need to be removed), and build coherence within the playlist.

​Ain't nobody got time for that!

​Okay, well, maybe there isn't enough time to frolic through record stores in search of the ultimate song. Being busy with millions of other decisions leading up to an event may not allow one to sit down to create a playlist and luckily for them there are options. Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube can be great sources for pre-made music playlists to choose from. Though some of these sources may have commercials between songs in the free profiles. Purchased accounts may have the option to eliminate the commercials for seamless music playback.

​Building a fun playlist isn't easy and don’t think you are going to please everyone, you're not. Not everyone has the same taste in music, don't take it personally. Keep it fresh and do only your best and remember to have fun!

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