Review of the Edutige EIM-001

By Jorge Lopez | Reviews / Unboxings

Jul 09

In this unboxing I review the Edutige EIM-001 i-Microphone. This microphone works with iPhones, Android, and Blackberry. This mic will bring higher levels of audio recording and quality of sound.


[Tweet “Here’s a Mic by Edutige the EIM-001 that brings great audio recoding for your phone”] i-Microphone compared against Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The i-Mic trumps other mics of its size and build. It is made of Brass and metal that will last. It has an RF shielding that prevents interference and feedback, which makes for great playback.
Outdoors, with the windshield that it comes with the sound that is record is not the best out there. And if you are looking for something to record for podcast at home, this is not the microphone for it. The mic recording is additive so as your voice will get louder so will the background noise around you.

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