Get the Most Out of Attendee Networking & Event Participation

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

Apr 19
Attendee Networking and Event Participation

Part of good event planning is getting the most out of attendee networking and participation. While you may want to focus on getting your business name out there, it will not be of much help if the people in attendance are not drawn to you or do not find it memorable.

Nearly every event coordinator these days has methods of getting the people involved. It has become about more than providing information and access to products or services; it has become about making people like their time at the event. This is one of the truest and most reliable ways to grab the attention and loyalty of the attendees.

The Experience

While the message matters, the attendee networking and event participation is what creates a memorable experience. When people attend the event, they are more likely to enjoy their time there, to return for future events, and to remember the businesses and professionals that they met. It gives you, the event planner, the chance to gain the most from this experience.

Rather than just giving people information, you are giving them memories and desires and the need for more. You are getting them to like you and you are doing more than appealing to them on a basic level.


There are numerous ways to improve engagement in your event. You first have to understand the people that will go and their expectations. For the engagement to do well, you will want something that appeals to your audience, that they will want to do, and that they will enjoy. Games, descriptions of people in photos, puzzles, and other creative options are all viable for an event planner.

When doing this, you are getting your audience talking and interacting with you. You are keeping them around for longer. You are getting them hooked on whatever you are doing. It is an effective way to slyly introduce you and what you have to offer without taking a strong stance.


Many of these are easy to implement during the event planning. A large part of event participation is creating a basic outline for what you want attendees to do and then letting them do it. It is creative-based. As long as you set it up in a way that suits the audience and you get your idea across.

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