Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

May 10
important things to consider when choosing a venue

Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue

The quality of an event is nothing without a fantastic venue. If you're trying to hold a formal event at somewhere that is more suited for young, avid club goers, you may not have the best feedback post-event. In this article, we'll tell you the most important things to consider when choosing your next event venue. If you're an amateur event planner, these tips can help you skyrocket into professional event stardom.

​1. Check Venue Availability

If you're holding an event on a popular weekend day, chances are, you're not the only one in the area. Booking as far in advance for a specific date as possible is the best way to go for popular venues. Waiting a month or weeks before booking a venue on a popular day may not be a good practice and can cause a lot of frustration. It is typically recommended to book a venue 6 months in advance and no less than 3 months. Finalizing the venue, date in advance is also a great way to line up other vendors or entertainment and coordinating their services.

2. The Delicious B.N.T Sandwich

You read that correctly. We aren't talking about delicious B.L.T's, we're talking about B.N.T, three words and three aspects of event planning that are the most important. They are:

  • Budget
  • Number of Attendees
  • Type of Event (technological event, makeup seminar, formal, Wedding, etc.)

Without a strong understanding of each, you may not select the appropriate venue, which can turn a fabulous event into a drag event. The following tips focus on the search process for the venue, when you've understood the basics.

Cost – While the venue is extremely important, keeping down the cost can allow more of a margin for food, décor, and entertainment. Date flexibility will allow more room to save funds as venue rates may change between weekends and weekday and especially within special holidays such as new years or memorial day weekend. Consider multiple dates before speaking with the venue manager and review any discounts for booking in advance, weekday vs. weekend bookings, and, if applicable, referral discounts.

Ambiance – It is good to consider what décor (if any) is already present at the venue. Not only can a venue with great decor produce a great feel, but a venue with great architecture, landscape, and surrounding neighborhood can really help set the right ambient tone and make the event memorable.

Spaces that are bare, but may be articuatually sound or budget wise, incorporating vendors such as Dolphin Rentals or Town & Country to have décor provided specific to the event may also help produce a unique ambient feel.

Amenities – There are many services and amenities you can cut back on the price if you find a venue that offers them. Any great venue will have a kitchen and may be able to provide catering for the event at a reduced cost, along with chairs, tables, and linens. On-site valet service or AV options may also be great amenities to search for. This is a great way to get the most out of your money while providing a fantastic experience.

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