EMP #001: 8 Ways To Tell if Your DJ’s the Right One

By Jorge Lopez | Podcasts

Jul 09
EMP #01: 8 Ways to make sure you hire the right DJ

Show Notes:

In this podcast I go over 8 different ways to make sure the DJ you get for your event is the right one for you.

This is an Event Masters Podcast with Jorge Lopez episode # 001…

Well episode #1.4 really, but we won’t get into that…

Are you ready for this?

Hello and what is up everybody I am so pumped to be here right now and that you are taking the time in your busy day to listen to this.
If you want to know more about this podcast and how it’s structured and even learn a little tiny bit about who I am then go ahead and listen to episode #00
But wait till you finish with this one I’d hate for you to lose your place and have to tap that little screen to try and get back to this very spot unless your app remembers where you last left off, which it probably does, but whatever, just hang out with me here for now cause on this podcast we’re going to take what works and what doesn’t when it comes to events and the Masters of Events that make all the magical goodness happen

Today is an informative episode about DJ’s

In todays episode I’m going to be talking about 8 ways to tell if your DJ has got you Covered

There’s a lot of DJ’s out there and this is the time of year to hire them, only let’s make sure we’re getting the right ones.

Let’s jump in

Imperative that you choose a wedding DJ who will be the right fit for your taste what kind of personality do you want him/her to have?


  • Energetic and outgoing
  • Quiet and laid back
  • Somewhere in between

Also, does age matter?

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1. Cultural Traditions
Will your wedding have any unique cultural traditions the DJ should be familiar with?
This is something of great importance for reasons you know why

2. Price
There are many DJs available at many different price points. If your budget is low in the DJ area, then maybe you’ll want to do it yourself. Now I don’t mean DJ it yourself, I mean set bring your own iPod or iPhone with your own playlist or some playlist of friends. With a few different types of music for different parts of the event.

DJs that take their job seriously as their profession and primary income are not going to come out for a couple of hundred dollars and the ones that will are not going to necessarily do it for the money, they’re not really there to do you a favor (unless they’re your long time friends.) There is a good possibility that they’re going to most likely go for the drinks, the food, and the mingle, and all on your dollar.

They obviously do something else for a living cause at a couple hundred dollars they’re going to barely break even to cover the overhead this means there’s a really good chance that they’re not insured, and if something happens to the equipment, well there goes your security deposit.

A good DJ is going to cost a bit more, but you can count on creating mixed music, polished announcements, and incredible customer service.

3. Website
If you notice that they have a low-quality site (or lacking one all together) most likely, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • On their site do you notice a place to ask questions?
  • And are they readily available to answer them?
  • Have they quickly responded to your emails and Voicemails?
  • Were they informative and helpful?

These are things you’re going to want to pay attention to so that when it gets close to your wedding you know you’ll get a swift reply

4. Pricing
This should be consistent and will prove their ethics. The structure of their pricing should be clear and you should be able to get a proper price quote or rate either through email or while on the call from the time you contact them. After, of course, providing them with some details and answering all the questions that would allow them to know exactly what you need. Most are not going to offer flat rate pricing.

If you hear, “the starting prices are….” or, “the price ranges from…”

Or later you receive a higher price than in your initial email, or meeting or phone conversation, then just keep shopping.

5. Contract
Make sure to get a professionally written contract with sensible terms when you meet. Make sure the DJ’s name is printed on it along with a guarantee that, THAT exact DJ will be the one performing and not one of his buddies. With the exact rate that you were quoted. Make sure specific performance times and what it will cost if the event goes into overtime is detailed and the deposit amount and payment terms with all the due dates are on there.

6. Whose Equipment
Ask to make sure that they bring their own equipment or if you will be the one in charge of bringing any extra equipment that they might need. For example, let’s say the event will be outdoors a generator might be needed for a lack of power. Find out if they carry those or will rent them on your behalf. Maye they’ll require tables, just asking these questions will be one less thing to worry about on this day.

7. Cancellation Policy
Make sure to be fully aware of their cancellation policy. Know what will be covered. You might live in an area where it rains often, what’s going to happen if you all of the sudden need to move your outdoor event indoors? The DJ is not going to surface thousands of dollars worth of equipment just to keep the music going if it’s going to get damaged due to water or muddy grass. And seeing as how your wedding could be months into the future and not even a weather man or gal gets paid to know this will be able to guarantee what the weather will be like on that day.

So find out what they’ll do in these cases, ‘casuse, well it does happen.

8. Insurance
Make sure to find out if the DJ carries his or hers own liability insurance. Make sure it covers both you and the DJ or company in case someone is injured.

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