The latest technology trends in the Events Industry

By Jorge Lopez | Technology

Jul 06
Technology trends for events

Today’s event professionals are continually looking for new and exciting experiences for event attendees. Advancing technology is enabling people to create unique experiences throughout the industry. In response, the event industry has seen proliferations of new tech tools, social media, event sponsors, new market segments and sustainability and eco-friendly measures for the past few years.

Meeting apps and other new developments are helping these experts to be more creative, plan better and have more engagement with attendees.

This article addresses the newest tools and services that will boost your production and planning efforts and help you create engaging experiences for your attendees.

It’s critical to stay updated on the latest trend whether you have been using meeting apps, or you are just starting to thinking about including the apps to your event.

Connected devices

Internet-connected mobile devices are becoming more popular. These devices support a broad range of services such as options to share or create media, on-demand downloads, and real-time communication. As a result, you have an opportunity to optimize the use of your meeting and event website as the primary tool to engage your attendees. You can design it to allow for real-time messaging, social media sharing, and to enable you to take polls of audience members while still on the podium.

Event mobile apps

Meeting apps are increasingly available from your pocket provided by the countless vendors. The harder part for you is to ensure that all attendees download and use them. You must also ensure that the recommended event app meets participants’ needs, provide a considerable return on investment, and easy to use.

Mobile computing

Combining both mobile solutions and cloud computing to your event will make pitching strategic partners and sponsors easier than ever. This is because you easily share assets and presentation material via portable screens. Besides, you can connect to your desktop wherever you are, and allow you to provide your attendees with 3D floor plans, or on-site or virtual video demos.

Wi-Fi everywhere

Nowadays, it is expected of you to provide Wi-Fi throughout the event, in all your meeting rooms. You must catch up with this trend to handle the needed brand and allow your audience to download event apps.

Analytics on big data

With meeting apps and SAAS event technology, you do not need to take weeks analyzing your survey data. You can evaluate the extensive data collected from surveys to registration data on the spot and bring the needed changes immediately. By implementing these technologies, you own the power to evaluate attendee’s feedback, behaviors, and patterns more quickly.

End-to-end meeting planning tools

Several tools have emerged to allow you manage all aspect of your events from one platform instead of a fragmented set of instruments. At the same time, they mitigate and increase efficiencies of the overall technology you spend.

Events as communities

Events have changed from a one or two day project to become a community that begins before the meetings start and continues indefinitely after that. In response, you must think of your meeting and events as a much longer lifecycle undertaking. You can develop connected communities by dedicating some time to manage them and incorporating strategies that allow you to control all of them.

Implementing BLE and iBeacons

This technology enables you to track where your attendees go, sessions they attend and the places where they spend their time. It is relatively cost-effective and allows users to access content while entering a particular meeting room at your venue, among other endless uses.

Photo, video, and online publishing

The increase of mobile devices has contributed to the significant growth of the disposable nature of the content market. The ongoing publishing efforts should obviously be a part of your outreach programs. In fact, event and meeting provide the perfect venue for you to tap advice, insights and learning from experts and executives that you can use to generate value and raise awareness. You can ask all your audience members to share stories, offer support and inspiration, and provide tips and hints. Incorporating the commentary and quotes back into newsletters, trailers, mailers and many others can give you year-long benefits.

Ultra high-tech events

Apart from the must-have Wi-Fi, you can implement many other advanced technologies to create unique event experiences. They include:

  • ​Meeting apps featuring workshops and presentation schedule
  • In-app communication and scheduling capabilities
  • GPS event navigation and locator assistance
  • Information kiosks
  • Onsite social media networking
  • On the spot contests and surveys
  • On-demand video feeds
  • Real-time language translation
  • Customized push notifications

Armed with the smartphone technology, you can expect more and more new trends using meeting apps to revolutionize the event industry.

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