3 Tips for Engaging and Enjoyable Corporate Events

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

May 05
Tips for Corporate Event

Events have the potential to bring like minded people together in a way that is unachievable in many other social outlets. Within corporations, or as an outreach to potential clients, corporate events can be a unique way to share ideas and engage with guests or employees. Whether you are coordinating a corporate event for the very first time or you are a seasoned vet, we’re sure everyone wants to make things perfect for presenters and guests.

How can the coming event stand out and be a memorable and informative?

​Keeping guests engaged and paying attention may be a difficult task when sharing ideas or promoting international change. Especially after a series of PowerPoint presentations, lectures, or Q & As, the event can seem to run about like a kid who is trying to tell you what he wants for Christmas.

Here you will find tips that make the coming corporate event an enjoyable success.

Consider Hosting Your Event Off-Site

When starting to plan, the first thing you will need is an area to host the event. The distractions of the office life can be eliminated if an event is held off-site rather than within a spare, dreary empty office, stained walls of memories of despair and hopelessness… okay, work aren’t that bad. But… considering hosting the event off-site may be a great way to get guests more interested, relaxed, and more open to the theme or program of the event. Finding a venue that can help focus on the topic of the event or amplify the experience is also a positive strategy to review.

Keep Lectures, Short and Sweet

At the heart of any corporate event is a concept or reason for the event- to give employees direction, for example, or to present a new product may be another need to bring people together. In some way, a presentation may need to take place, whether it be a 250 slide PowerPoint presentation or a goosebump-making tear-jerking heartfelt thank you toast. Keeping presentations and lectures, short and to the point can help keep guest engaged. Consider spreading out lectures in between food breaks or yoga stretches, even simple breaks for music and time to mingle can help rejuvenate guest as the evening drags on… I mean, continues.

Create Tasks for the Attendees

As mentioned above, lectures can simply go in one ear and right out the other. Guest can fall asleep and presenters can feel as if they are talking to the wall. Simply showing the attendees a video or keynote presentation may help get ideas across but can be boring as all heck. Including guest into the presentation whenever possible can help keep everyone synchronized and tuned into the presentation.

​Also consider presenting a problem and supporting the audience in figuring out a way to solve the problem while ideas emerge. The attendees can be split into teams, as an example, and the solutions compared before showing them the presenters researched results. Keeping guest involved as the presentation continues may also be a way to brainstorm and review feedback.

​How did it go?

By giving the attendees a survey at the end of the day, you can gauge how well the event went. This will allow you to make your event planning for corporate events, even better in the future, as you will know which strategies to repeat and which aspects can be improved upon, or removed. Practice and constructed feedback help.

​By testing these tips you will see the success of your corporate events skyrocket and your attendees more engaged than ever.

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