Tips for Hiring a Videographer for your social media outlets

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

May 24

Social media has taken over in terms of marketing and promotions which means that there is always a business posting about what they are about or what they offer the world in terms of services.

​It's no different for the event industry, and at times can be a very contemporary and competitive environment. Without quality videography or photography from events to demonstrate to clients of services and the experience of guests, the event may not seem very appealing to those who weren't able to attend and those who are looking to acquire such services.

​It's also a great way to build content for portfolios, whether for a DJ, venue, club promoter, or event vendor. The use of a quality videographer can only enhance the message, especially where the media needs to have a positive impact on the social media followers and make them want to be a part of the fun.

​Below are the tips for hiring a professional videographer for social media outlets within today's event service industry.

High quality, high standards...

​Even the newest smartphone on the market gives out HD quality and at the click of the button one could upload a video for all their followers to view. With that said, finding a good videographer who is on your side to enhance your brand is important.

​Search and review videographers to make sure they meet the standards and quality you are looking for. HD is always a plus and one may want to consider VR if applicable to the scenario.

​Quality cameras can always help and customer service is also key.

  • How quick do they respond to emails?
  • How artistic are they?
  • How do they maintain your theme and concept?
  • Any examples?
  • How well do they work with guest; are they courtious?
  • Can they make video clips for different social media outlets? YouTube vs Instagram for example.

Bottom line, do research to see what it is that you would like done and match that with a videographer who has the equipment, vision, experience, and means to make it happen within budget and on-time. Like we say at the office, ‘make it happen captain!’ Well, that may not apply here but it’s a damn good saying!

​2. Review contracts and media ownership

Let's get serious for a second, everyone starts getting all sketchy when the C word comes out, but we need to highlight it here.


​There, now it’s out on the open. Though payment may be provided for a videographer’s service, what about the content? Review contracts and go over services agreements to hash out what needs to be done with media content and what services will be provided (day of filming and editing).

​Also, consider, for example, a videographer in the contract may ask to be allowed to use some of the content as work samples, which is normal. But, if uncle Fred doesn’t want to be seen doing the robot on some promotional video in the near future this may be something to x-out in the contract and renegotiate. Review final ownership of not only the final media product or products, but raw footage as well. Which leads us to..

3. Media hosting

Nowadays, many videographers may be hosting video on their own social media outlets such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or Facebook. Using their outlets may be a great way to share your content and give it some exposure but be cautious. If you don’t want your video to be shared then be sure to have this put in the contract.

​Creating your own social media outlets for hosting videos is easy and simple to do as well. What we mean here is to consider discussing how the video is going to be hosted if needed and who will be hosting it.

​4. What's going to happen to all that extra footage?

The ​Extra unused video footage may be left behind. Discuss with your videographer what will be done with the raw videos or excess footage, as working with the footage in the future may be of interest.

​Some videographers may store it (typically for up to 7 years) for a small fee while others may simply provide copies of the raw footage in DVD or external hard drive form during delivery of the final product.

​Have fun!



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