TOP5 Event Books for Event and Meeting Professionals

By Jorge Lopez | Tips For Your Event

Nov 20

As I have been trust into the event world, but happily allowed myself to get thrown in. I decided this is something I better get educated with very quickly. Many sites put together some amazing PDF's, e-books, and blog post about many topics that are always intriguing and full of great information.

As I have be trust into the event world, but happly allowed myself to get thrown in. I decided this is something I better get educated with very quickly. Many site put together some amazing PDF, e-books, and blog post about many topics that are always intreguing and full of great information.

Then I thought, "What better way to get some everlasting knowledge then from the pros that have written about the very topics. So I came up with a list...

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Here are the Top 5 Books [Every] Event Manager and Meeting Planner Should Read.

NUMBER 5 - Event Planning Tips: The Straight Scoop On How To Run A Successful Event.
Written by Natalie Johnson.

This book aims to inform the readers of the perks of managing the right skills to create memorable and magical events. This books provides strategies and planning techniques to help organize a wedding or an office party. The tips and tricks mentioned in this book can really help you organise and keep track of things you need to.

4.5 out of 5 Stars on amazon

Number 4 - Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide.Written by Meegan jones.

This book offers many tested methods. It includes examples and case studies from around the world, such as Festivals here in the US, UK, Germany and even Portugal. You’ll be provided with checklist tools for measuring performance. A very valuable reference for the event industry throughout the world.

This book rates 5 out of 5 Stars on amazon

Number 3 - Into the Heart of Meetings: Basic Principles of Meeting DesignWritten by Mike Van Der Vijver.

Have you ever been stuck in a dull meeting? Well this book will make sure your meetings don’t get that Hashtag associated with your event in the twitter feed. Into The Heart of Meetings defines meetings as a form of communication. - It will show you how to make the most of your meeting planning through organization and communication strategies. Mike and Eric have been kind enough to share with the rest of us all their knowledge and experience. This book will not only open you mind as to what really matters in a meeting, but it will also give you practical tools and tons of actionable ideas to start putting it! - into practice

5 out of 5 on amazon

Number 2 - Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide To Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives and Other Special Events.
Written by Author Judy Allen

who takes TWO spots this week - First with this all-in-one guide to cover all the bases. With each chapter detailing all aspects of event planning and prompt you to think about how you can apply the suggestions to your own events.if there's something you need to know about event management, this is the book you need to get BOTH hands on

This one scores at 4 out 5 stars on the Book Selling Giant.

Number 1 - Also written by Judy Allen

The Business Of Event Planning: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Successful Special Events Planning a corporate party or special event? Don't even think about thinking about it! Until you’ve read this book. In this highly practical book, Allen covers every aspect of the process in exhaustive detail.

Here you're going to explore topics like the secrets of proposals, fees, safety issues, [safety first!] and other topics that are just a bit less explored, Judy Allen has worked closely with corporate CEOs, CFOs, and presidents AND executive staff in over 30 countries and for over 20 years!

Because it’s like she's says,... Events are more than just feel-good activities.”

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